Unaccompanied Minors


General Guidelines:

  • The Unaccompanied Minor Service (UMNR) comprises support at the check-in counters, driving him/her to the departure lounge, care before boarding, coordination with the Technical Crew (Flight Attendants) before and during the boarding process, care during the flight, guidance and custody of the child during connection and hand over to the person responsible at the destination airport.
  • We do not accept children traveling alone that are from 0 to 4 years old
  • From 5 to 14 years old the UMNR service is mandatory
  • From 15 years old and beyond the UMNR service is optional
  • UMNS Service does not apply in connecting flights with OA, codeshare flights or Skyteam members.
  • AM Plus seats must not be sold for the UMNR service.
  • For tickets purchased in Premier Class it is possible to give the UMNR service
  • The person who is delivering the minor must remain at the airport 15 minutes after the departure time, until he/she is informed that the plane has departed and can leave the airport.
  • Mexican minors under legal age traveling alone on international flights leaving from Mexico must deliver the SAM format, stamped by the immigration office or notarized document authorizing the trip of the minor and a copy for the airline must be kept at station files.
  • Make sure that the UMNR for,at is completely full, making emphasis on the data and the phone numbers of the persons that delivery and receiving the minor.
  • When checking in customers with UMNR service at airports, it is necessary to respect the seats assigned for his service.
  • In case of international flights make sure that the person who delivers the minor should have immigration and/or customs forms completed.


​Service Fees

Domestic Routes

600 MXN per segment will apply for each minor, regardless if he/she is booked in a same PNR with other minors, or if they are traveling as a group.

International Routes

150 USD per segment applicable per child even when booked under the same PNR, when traveling with other children or in a group and on connecting Aeromexico flights so long as connections do not exceed 24 hours.
For flights to/from USA: Fee applies for up to four minors booked under the same PNR and on connecting Aeromexico flights so long as connections do not exceed 24 hours.



U.S. Citizens traveling from/to Mexico:
Minors traveling alone or accompanied by one of their parents, guardians or a relative:
A notarized letter with the permission or authorization of parents or guardians is not required (CRM/347/04 INM Mexico).

The person who is handing over the minor at the airport, must carry with him/her a valid official ID (voting card or passport) for identification purposes at the time of making the check-in of the minor.
​It is important to explain to the person who is handing over the minor, that the person responsible for receiving the minor at the destination airport must carry with him/her a valid official identification, informing that the delivery of the child shall be in the arrival areas of the domestic/international arrival area according to the origin of the flight.